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Hi all my wonderful readers. How are you all doing today?

I was kind of stuck for a post today. After a little scroll through Bloglovin, I stumbled upon the Netflix tag, and I thought it was about time I did it.

Until recently, I couldn’t really use my Netflix subscription. I mean, I could use it on my laptop and downstairs, but seing as how my internet used to have the worst signal on the planet I had no chance watching anything in my room. Now that my internet signal has finally been fixed, I can’t stop watching.

Let’s get on with the tag.

1. What are some of your favourite series’ to watch?

At the moment I am addicted to Once Upon A Time. They’ve only just recently added it to Netflix. Two years ago, it was on Channel 5, but they for some reason decided to drop it. From then on, i’ve been anxiously awaiting for some other channel to pick it up but none of them ever did. Now that Netflix has added it, I can now seriously binge on the fairytaled goodness. The other series I just love, is Charmed. Charmed is one of my all time favourite shows and now it’s on Netflix, I can rewatch it to my hearts content.

2. What are you currently watching?

Apart from Once Upon A Time and Charmed. I’ve been watching, Little Britain, The IT Crowd, Orange is the New Black, and I was watching The Tudors, but Netflix seems to have removed it for some reason.

3. If you could have any series added to Netflix, old or new, what would it be?

Ohh this is easy. I would add CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, CSI : Miami, CSI : New York, Law & Order, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Will & Grace, Hot in Cleveland, and Cougar Town.

4. What is your one peev about Netflix?

Mine has to be the fact that America gets all of the best shows first, and the UK has to wait for them.

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?

Peace and quiet, meaning no one is in. Chocolate, a good kind, not just anything that’s on offer. Cherry coke, and a nice barbecue chicken pizza.

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.

If you’re a musicals fan, I would have to recommend Burlesque. It’s an extremely underated film. It stars Cher, who owns and runs a run down and near bankrupt burlesque bar in Los Angeles. Christina Aguiliera moves to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career but needs a job in the meantime to support herself and quickly incorporates herself into the club. It’s a fantastic film containing excellent caurigraphed dances and pitch perfect songs. It doesn’t have the best ratings, but please do check it out.

There you go, that’s all of my answers.

Now who should I tag? I tag, Jamie Sowden, Expat Make Up Addict, Married to a Geek, A Cornish Mum, and last but by no means least, The Guy With The Owl Tattoo.

Is there anything you think I should check out on Netflix? What are you currently loving on Netflix? Please let me know down below in the comments below.

Luke x


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Luke x

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  1. Amanda-Jaied Wathern

    I absolutely adore Charmed and Once Upon a Time! Great choice! I always love reading Tags cos I’m a nosy bugger lol. I do really need to catch up on OUAT but Pretty Little Liars is just too good. You should definitely check it out :-).

    Much Love

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