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I don’t know why, but I absolutely love it whenever a brand creates a Soap in the shape of a piece of Fruit. That’s why when I saw that The Yorkshire Soap Company had released a Red Apple Soap whilst I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I obviously had to pick it up. Well i’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of it.

A large bright red apple shaped block of Soap with a light brown stork and a bright green leaf on a light wooden table, on a white background.

A picture of The Yorkshire Soap Company Red Apple Soap.

Here’s what The Yorkshire Soap Company say about their Red Apple Soap.

Our own soapy twist on a shiny Teachers Apple with a beautiful Apple Blossom scent. Handmade and packed full of beautiful natural ingredients and finished with a soapy Apple Stem and Bay Leaf decoration. It’s the perfect way of saying thank you at the end of the academic year.

Like a stroll in a leafy Orchard on a Summer’s Afternoon, our Apple Blossom scent is crisp, lush and refreshing. Made from the essence of fresh British Apples and accented with aromatic floral undertones, this fragrance will awaken your senses and leave your Skin feeling nourished and delicious.

Each product is handmade and unique, therefor the colour of this Soap may vary from the picture.

It’s scent.

I absolutely loved it’s scent, as even though it contained Glycerin, Bay Leaf Extract, quite a lot of Chemicals, and Perfume, I thought that it had a delicious fresh and crisp yet ever so slightly sweet Apple scent to it that kind of reminded me of the scent you smell whenever you bite into an Apple.

What it did when I used it.

I really liked what this did when I used it, as once I had held it under some running Water for a couple of seconds and had started to massage it into my Skin, it started to create a really thick and creamy yet ever so slightly balmy lather that spread really easily across my Hands.

It’s results.

I really liked it’s results, as not only did this leave my Skin feeling incredibly silky soft, smooth, bouncy and intensely moisturised, but it also left it smelling of delicious fresh and crisp yet ever so slightly sweet Apples for at least ten minutes after I had used it.

My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate The Yorkshire Soap Company Red Apple Soap an eight point five out of ten. I absolutely loved it’s delicious fresh and crisp yet ever so slightly sweet Apple scent, what it did when I used it, and it’s results, but I just wish that it didn’t contain so many different Chemicals and Perfume.

If you would like to check out The Yorkshire Soap Company Red Apple Soap for yourselves, then you can either pop into your local The Yorkshire Soap Company store, or you can find it online here.

Have you checked out The Yorkshire Soap Company Red Apple Soap yet? What did you think of it? Do you like Soap that’s shaped like a piece of Fruit too? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Gabbie Isaac Allison

    I haven’t ever tried soap shaped like fruit, but I love the scent of apple. Especially because it reminds me of the fall, which I’m so ready for!

    Gabrielle | TheOpinionatedOne.com

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