Things That Irritate Me About Insomnia

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a brilliant day.

As you may, or may not know, I suffer horrendously with insomnia. While I was laying there at 4:45am, after trying for numerous hours to get to sleep. I noticed a few things that really irritated me, and I thought I would share them with you.

1. Birds.

Somewhere outside my bedroom window, there is a tree, and on that tree, lives a massive black bird, who like clockwork arrives everyday and squawks like it’s in pain. If you’ve ever seen Dreamworks, Shrek. Princess Fiona goes into the woods and starts singing with a bird, well picture that but a 100 times louder. Some mornings I think, if only I had a gun, because at 4:45am I would like nothing more than to shoot the loudmouthed little bugger!

2. Cars.

The back garden to my house is basically faceing a main road. Now at 4:45am you would think ahh it’ll be nice and quiet, no one is out at 4:45am. Well you’d be wrong. It’s not the fact that there is only a few, it’s the noise of the bloody things. Uh! Not only is there cars, but there is also motorbikes out at that time in a morning. Firstly I would like to find whoever came up with the idea and then slap them to death. Why are cars and bikes so loud? Not only is there cars, and bikes, but I would love to know what person in their tiny warped mind thinks uhh it’s 4:45am I know, i’ll start revving my engine. Uh!

3. People.

It’s not so much people, it’s people snoring. At 4:45am I should be asleep, not contemplating smothering someone with a pillow. Yes i’ve tried earplugs, and they don’t work. I can still hear people from other rooms fast asleep. Why do people snore so bloody loudly?

4. The Elements.

Now, for those who don’t know, I live in the United Kingdom, and apparently the UK seems to have the most screwed up weather system on the planet. One minute it’s nice, the next it’s freezing. It’s not the temperature that annoys me, it’s the bloody wind, and or rain, banging against my window. I swear, if Mother Nature was real, she wouldn’t be alive after i’m finished!

5. Strange Sounds.

I live in an extremely old house that’s over a 100 years old. Naturally, they’ll be a few creaks when you stand on a particular floorboard, but my house is different. Not only does it have the old sounds, but some strange sounds that seriously could never be explained. After finally getting to sleep I was awoken by a strange buzzing noise. To this day I still have absolutely no idea what it was.

There you go. Five of my irritations whilst suffering from insomnia.

Do you suffer from insomnia to? What really gets on your nerves? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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Luke x

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  1. Great blog and I love your humour. I don’t really suffer from insomnia any more. When I lived in England, it was bad. We lived next to a train track for freight trans. They have a habbit of passing at stupid O’clock. The through the floor lift which was designed to carry me and my wheelchair up stairs to my room, had to stay up in my room at night. The hydrolic system would slowly loose pressure and the lift slowly went down. To a certain level, then it realised it was dropping and automatically goes up again. Noisey. Always seemed to happen just as I was almost asleep. Then there was our burglar alarm. I think the ghost of my Grandfather liked to walk in front of the sensor to set it off at 3am. Definitely not impressive.

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