Trecking The Trails | Woodwick Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle

I’ve been on a little bit of a candle buying spree of late, and one of the many candles I managed to pick up was the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle . After burning it for quite a while, I thought I would tell you what I thought.

A large glass jar containing three different coloured wax

A picture of the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle from Love Aroma.

The Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle, is described as a premium Soy triple layered candle comprising of Vintage Leather, which is a blend of Pure Leather extract, Moss, Suede, and Sandlewood, Timber, which is a blend of Citrus, Musk, and Amber, and Evening Bonfire, all topped off with Woodwick’s signeture wooden wick.

When I smelt it in store, the overall smell very much reminded me of an extremely high class and incredibly expensive mens cologne. This isn’t a candle scent I would usually go for, but once I had smelt it I knew I had to have it.

I really liked the Vintage Leather smell, as when it was burning it reminded me of when I sit on the old Leather chair in my front room. The Timber smelt gorgeous. It did have a slight Citrus overtone, but it really reminded me of walking through a wooden furniture store. The Midnight Bonfire at the bottom has to be my favourite of the three. It was incredibly smoky and reminded me of Bonfire Night.

The reason I keep purchasing Woodwick Candles, is because of their signature wooden wick, that once lit, starts crackling. It’s perfect as I always know that i’ve lit it, that and it makes the most amazing crackling sound. The crackling sound also went beautifully with the Midnight Bonfire smell.

The scent throw of the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle was incredible. With in about ten to fifteen minutes of me lighting this, the entire upstairs of my house smelt incredible. You could even slightly smell it downstairs. Even having the doors shut still didn’t stop this from coming through.

It supposed to burn for up to 180 hours, but I got over 220 hours of lovely smelling crackling goodness, and because it’s made from Soy Wax, it didn’t leave any smoky black clouds, which is fantastic. I love a candle that burns longer than it’s supposed to.

Overall I would have to rate the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle, a ten out of ten, and I rarely give anything full marks. This is perfect. I’m usually a fruity scents kind of guy, and even I find this amazing. I love the three scents and think they compliment each other brilliantly, and as always I loved the crackling sound.

If you would like to get your hands on the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle, you can either buy it online from Woodwick Candles here, online from Love Aroma here, or you can pop into one of the wonderful Love Aroma stores around the country.

Have you tried the Woodwick Candles Frontier Trails Trilogy Candle? What did you think? What Woodwick Candles do I have to try next? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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