Vasaline Spray & Go Cocoa Radience | Revview

Hello everyone, welcome to another post.

This Friday on my channel, there will be a review video of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Men’s Formula for Face & Body.

So today I thought I would go with a little bit of a theme. I’m going to review another Cocoa Butter product. The Vaseline Spray and Go in Cocoa Radiance.

I have been on a little bit of a moisturizer kick, mainly because I have noticed a few dry spots of skin lately. I did a little research and apparently Cocoa Butter was very good for your skin. After watching a video by Meghan Rosette, she mentioned a very nifty little product, Vaseline Spray & Go. She explained that it was a sprayable moisturizer that dries with in 30 seconds. I thought it sounded great, one problem, it wasn’t available in the UK yet. No worries, about three weeks later, adverts were all over the TV. When was out shopping, theres a vlog on my channel about that, I picked up a bottle.

After using the product for a little while, I thought I would write a review for you.

The first thing, the price. It cost me £3.99 from Boots, quite cheap I thought. Especially being that it was new, and the amount you get for £3.99. You get a 190ml bottle, which sounds like a small bottle, but I can tell you it is not. I thought there was more than 190ml, but apparently not. So £3.99 for the massive bottle you get is a bargain.

Moving on to the design of the bottle. It is your general tall spray bottle, with a little bit of a groove at the nozzle. It is distinctive but at the same time not, It is great as a design, it is not a awkward shape, but at the same time, you know instantly what it is, when you pick it up.

The next thing I want to talk about is the smell. You get a choice of three scents. Essential Moisture, which I am guessing is scent free. Then you have Aloe Vera, which has a nice Aloe scent. Next there is the Cocoa Radiance scent, which is the one I bought. The scent is a very nice scent, but I would have said it was more of a Coconut scent, but it is a great scent. A nice fresh scent, which is just what you want in a moisturizer.

Getting on to the actual product. It is a cream moisturizer, you can get moisturizers that are more water based, this one is not. Once you spray it on your skin, the creamy formula feels extremely good on your skin. You can tell it is getting to work as soon as you spray it..

Next, the results. After using this for just three days. I noticed a big difference in my skin. The dry patches I mentioned above, were completely gone, replaced with silky soft skin. I was very impressed, usually you have to pay at least over £10 to get these kind of results.

The next thing. Would I buy this product again?. Most definitely, and I would also recommend you buy this as well. For the results, the price and the amount you get, it is an incredible product.

You can buy it .

My marks out of ten would have to be a full ten, mainly because of what I just said. The product is amazing. If you haven’t checked out this product, I highly recommend you do.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. Just get in touch, you can either do this by leaving me a comment, by using the social tab on my navigation bar, or you can email me by using the contact me tab.

Thank you for reading.

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