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You all know I love a good tag right? Well I was very kindly tagged by Emily and Glen to do The VIP Daily Living Tag, which was created by the wonderful My Blurred World and Holly. I love doing tags, especially any of the visually impaired ones as they give a little insight to my world as a rambling visually impaired guy, anyway on with the questions.

Beauty and Makeup.

I don’t actually wear makeup, but i’ll try to answer these as best as I can.

1.When preparing an outfit, do you have your clothes set out in a specific way so it makes it easier for you to choose an outfit yourself?

Not really. I mostly live in Jeans and colourful T-Shirts so I just pick the colour i’m feeling that day and rock it. I am trying to add a few new items, and fabrics, into my wardrobe but as I said I mostly live in Jeans and T-Shirts and it’s not that hard to get wrong.

2. When you want to buy new clothes, do you shop online on your own, or go shopping with someone?

I do a little bit of both. It really depends what i’m looking for, and where I want to buy it. I must admit theres nothing better than a late night online window shop at my favourite shop.

3. When shopping with friends and family, is there anything you ask them to do for you to help choose clothes or makeup you may like?

i usually get them to find my size. It’s difficult for anyone to desifer those different coloured lables some shops have, and for some reason every store has a different system. I also get them to check that I look alright and that i’m not hanging out anywhere.

4. Do you find it difficult to pick out an outfit due to your visual impairement?

Sometimes yes, but I usually just rock what ever I end up wearing. As long as I feel comfortable and confident, who cares if it doesn’t match.

5. Do you find online shopping accessible?

Yes, and no. It depends on the website or app and whether it’s been created well. Some websites are really easy to use, and some I just don’t bother with because it’s not worth the stress.

6. Does your visual impairement stop you from applying make up, if so, why?

I don’t wear makeup, so this question is kind of irrelevant to me.

7. How do you organize your clothing or beauty products?

I don’t really have that many clothes, it’s growing on a weekly basis though, but I just have all my T-Shirts to one side, and my jeans are usually folded in my draw. My beauty products are organised, and displayed on shelves, and are organised by category, please let me know if you would like a post showing you what I mean.



8. Do you have any kind of mobility aid, if so, what is it?

Yes, I have a massive white cane that goes everywhere with me.

9. Do you prefer using this or be sighted guided?

I don’t mind either to be honest.

10. If you use a cane, do you feel self conscious while using it?

Not really. My cane is just an extension of me. I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb with it anyway so i’ve just learnt it’s best to rock it.

11. When it comes to transport, do you go on the bus, train, etc, by yourself?

Yes, but only on the bus, and only occasionally.

12. How do you feel about traveling independantly?

it absolutely terrifies the living hell out of me. Luckily my stop is the very last one so I know when to get off but it still terrifies me.



13. Do you, or did you attend a mainstream or specialist school?

I attended a massive mainstream school.

14. If you had a choice, which one would you prefer to go to?

I would prefer to attend a mainstream school. I think it taught me to be myself and not to let others get you down. I do think a specialist school would have had it’s upsides like the teachers knowing how to teach me, but I would choose the mainstream school.

15. Overall, was your experience of education as a visually impaired person mostly positive or negative? How could it have been inproved?

It was ok but not great. It took my secondary school about three years to actually recognise that I was visually impaired. There was some teachers that would bend over backwards to help me out, like I remember this one teacher that even before I started using high contrast used to print out all her powerpoint slides with black backgrounds and white text, which must have been a nightmare to do, especially with the printers back them, and some teachers that even after explaining that I was visually impaired several times couldn’t give a rats arse, but people soon put them in their place. My education was greatly helped by my support assistant who without her help I would have struggled quite a lot.

16. Did you carry on into further or higher education? If so, how did you feel about this transition? If not, why?

I did move onto sixth form and mostly quite liked it, but I didn’t get that many good grades which is unfortunate but I did enjoy the experience. The transition was quite easy, it just felt like I had moved onto the next year.


Assistive Technology

17. What is your opinion on assistive technology for blind and visually impaired people? Do you think it is vital?

I think it’s incredibly vital. I love assistive technology, and I think it allows us the visually impaired and blind users to live an easier life.

18. Do you use assistive technology?

Yes. I use an iPhone and an Apple macbook Pro, and it’s made my life much easier through using Voiceover and the other built in accessibility features i’m able to write my blog, edit videos, read labels, surf the internet, read emails, read the post, see what’s on TV, and much more.

19. What assistive technology or specialist apps could you not live without?

I couldn’t live without Voiceover, Inverted Colours, and Zoom. They’ve made my life so much easier. I also couldn’t live without Digit-Eyes, my barcode scanner, and my RNIB Overdrive. I love to read, and this makes it possible for me to read as many books as I want.

20. If you could recommend one piece of assistive technology for a blind or visually impaired person, what would it be, and why?

An iPhone, it literally changed my life. Once I bought my first iPhone I was a changed man. The built in accessibility features are incredible and all the apple products are so easy to use straight out of the box.

21. What’s one piece of assistive technology you would really like?

I don’t think there’s anything at the moment. It will probably change in the future but I think i’m ok for the minute.



22. Do you mainly have sighted or visually impaired and blind friends?

I have a good mix of both sighted and visually impaired and blind friends from all over the world.

23. If you have blind and visually impaired friends, how did you meet them?

I met most of my visually impaired and blind friends online through social media, and quite a few of my sighted friends through blogging.

24. Do sighted peers understand your disability and try to help you?

Yes. Most of my sighted friends know that i’m visually impaired, I mean it’s quite obvious, why else would I be carrying a massive white stick, haha!

25. What’s one thing you wish your friends understood about your disability?

That some days, and in some places I can see different things, and that it takes me a couple of moments to get my bareings and feel like I know where I am.

26. Who do you tag to do this tag next?

I tag, Tommy EdisonWilliam Elliott, and J.R. Bjornson.

There you go guys, that’s my answers. I would love to see your answers if you’ve done the VIP Daily Living Tag too, so please leave me your links.

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Luke x

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