#BlindGuyAdventures | Vlogmas 2016

I can’t believe that it’s December already, as it feels like it was only January week ago, but one of the things I love about it being December is all of the people who take part in vlogmas, and like last year, i’m taking part too.

For anyone who doesn’t know what vlogmas is, it’s basically where people upload a video to their YouTube Channel every day until the 25th December. The videos are usually about what someone has been up to that day, but can contain absolutely anything.

A picture of a white snowman with some black eyes, an orange carrot nose, a black hat, a dark red scarf, red buttons, and brown twig arms, with a person at the side of them wearing a red and white santas hat, black glasses, a pale blue top, black pants, and shoes, with #blindguyadventures written in red writing, on a pale grey background.

A picture of the #BlindGuyAdventures thumbnail created by Theresa Evans

I loved doing vlogmas so much last year, that I thought I would do it again this year, but to make it a little easier on myself, I thought I would upload every other day until Christmas, instead of every day.

It might get a little random, but if you’re up for seeing what I get up to everyday until Christmas, you can either keep checking my #BlindGuyAdventures | Vlogmas 2016 playlist for new vlogs, or you could just subscribe to my channel, and enable notifications to be notified when I upload a new vlog.

Do you like watching vlogmas vlogs? What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? Please let me know down below.

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