Brasil Blunders | Vogue Brasil’s Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Promotional Picture

The Paralympic Games are an amazing event that aims to show that even people with disabilities can take part in sport, and even though i’m not a massive sports fan, I do like to show my support.

To show their support and promote the amazing event, Vogue Brasil, have released a promotional picture. Unfortunately though, the picture has backfired dramatically, and has annoyed quite a lot of the disabled community, including me, and I thought I would tell you why.

If you haven’t seen the picture, you can view it here.

The picture shows two people, actors Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena, with physical disfigurements. One has lost one of their arms, and the other has a prosthetic leg. The thing that has annoyed people, including me, is the fact that these disfigurements have been added to the picture after it has been taken. This means that instead of using disabled models or actors, or one of the 4350 of the amazing Paralympians at the Paralympic Games, they have decided to use two actors that are fully abled, god I hate that phrase.

Vogue Brasil say that the reason they have released the picture is to promote the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, which apparently has only sold 12% of it’s total tickets, plus they also wanted to raise ticket sales. Firstly, the fact that only 12% of tickets have been sold is appaulling, and releasing something to gain more sales is a fantastic idea, but doing it in this way, is disgusting. It makes disabled people feel like their disability is being taken as a joke, and nobody’s disability is a joke, wether it’s a physical, mental, or invisable disability.

It’s the fact that they have used two non disabled people, when there are loads of brilliant disabled models and actors out there, that really irritates me. Also, if they couldn’t find one, there are still 4350 brilliant Paralympians in Rio, that i’m sure, if asked, would have been happy to help promote the games.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games, were one of the best ever Paralympic Games on record, and the fact that only 12% of tickets have been sold, makes me think that people have forgotten, yet again, just how outstanding and brilliant disabled people are.

What are your thoughts? What do you think of Vogue Brasil’s promotional picture? What do you think about only 12% of tickets being sold? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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