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Last week, me and Jamie were very kindly invited to come and check out Ushiwear Clothing’s pop up store in Trinity Leeds. After having an incredible time checking out all their amazing clothes, I thought I would tell you all about it.

Ushiwear Clothing, was born from the imagination of Yorkshire designer Jilly Kapusi, who with the support of her husband Neil, officially launched the brilliantly British brand back in 2008. Inspired by her families love of the outdoors Jilly set about designing a durable range of unique clothing combining comfort with style, and exclusivity with accessibility. All of Ushiwear Clothing’s products are designed and hand printed in the Uk, and all of the clothing, labels, tags, and packaging, are printed in the Ushiwear Clothing store in Mirfield.

a plate full of cupcakes, some of which have the Ushiwear Clothing logo printed on them.

A picture of the Ushiwear Clothing cupcakes.

Once we had walked into the beautifully immaculate store, which was located opposite Caffe Nero, we were greeted by some of the friendly staff, and offered a drink. There was Prosecco on offer but I went for the Orange Juice, that’s not to say that I didn’t have a glass later in the evening, because of course I did.There were also some gorgeous looking cupcakes on offer , but as I had already eaten I didn’t have any, but I did take one home with me. Jamie then left me by a beautiful mannequin that had the most unusual feeling jacket, while he went and took a few pictures. I then got chatting to a few of the friendly staff, and a few fellow bloggers, mainly about where we were from and general life things.

We then decided to have a little look around the store and I found some of the softest t-shirts and jogging pants I had ever felt. They were that soft that I probably would sleep in them. We were told that in our goodie bags there would be one of their lovely t-shirts, but we could change it for any other that we saw in the store, so we had a good look around and tried to find a few we liked.

an ox face.

A picture of the Ushiwear Clothing Ox logo.

After a little while, someone came and asked us if we would like to meet Jilly, the designer, and find out a little bit more about the brand. She told us all about her background, how she started the brand, the meaning behind the brand name and logo, the sizes they go up to, and that they also offer a personalised service where if someone sees a piece of clothing they like but they want it in a different colour, or size , then they will make it for you and send it out to you, which is pretty rare. She also told us that they are extremely committed to local charities, which I thought was fantastic.

A pink t-shirt.with a pattern all over it.

A picture of the Ushiwear Clothing Pink Ox t-shirt.

After chatting with Jilly, we wondered around a little more, and I finally found a t-shirt I liked. We then got chatting to another one of the amazing staff that told us that some of the clothing was designed by a recently graduated design student, and that they are working on a range that uses sails and parachutes as it’s core material, which sounds really cool to me.

After chatting a little more, the evening started to draw to a close, so we said our goodbye’s and thank you’s and headed for our train.

I had an amazing time checking out all of Ushiwear Clothing’s amazing products. I can definitely tell that they put a lot of thought into each individual garment, and they use the best and coolest materials. As I said, I don’t think i’ve ever felt anything softer than their T-Shirts.

Ushiwear Clothing is only open from the 1st July until the 7th July in Leeds, it’s because it’s a pop up store, but you can find their permament store in Mirfield. If you get a chance, I highly recommend you check out either store.

I would just like to thank Ushiwear Clothing for having both me, and Jamie, and if you would like to check out any of their amazing clothes, you can find them online here.

Have you checked out anything from Ushiwear Clothing? What was it? What did you think? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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