What Am I Watching?

Jesus I love Autumn. It’s not only because of the crispy fallen leaves, the soft comfy blankets, and the stodgy food, but it’s also because October marks the start of the American Autumn and Winter TV schedule.
It’s the time where all of those shows that I had a near breakdown when they left in May start to return.
That’s why I thought I would share some of the shows I’m addictively watching. I’ve also included the channels, times, and days it’s on, just so you can get as addicted to them as me.
Here’s what I’m watching.
Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Universal Channel, Sunday’s 10PM.

The Muppets, Sky One, Monday’s 8PM.

Simply Nigella, BBC Two, Monday’s 8:30PM.

Criminal Minds, Sky Living, Monday’s 9PM.

CSI : Cyber, Channel 5, Tuesday’s 9PM.

How To Get Away With Murder, Universal Channel, Wednesday’s 9PM.

Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, Thursday’s 10PM.

Alan Carr Chatty Man, Channel 4, Friday’s 10PM.

Doctor Who, BBC One, Saturday’s, but varies in time.




Once Upon A Time.

Live At The Apollo
As you can see, I love my TV. Even if I’m just doing something, I like to have it on in the background.
Is there anything I should be watching? What are you watching? Please leave me some recommendations.

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Luke x

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