What Cosmo Needs To Know About Bloggers

At about 10am on Sunday 24th January I was doing what I usually do on a morning, which is scroll through Twitter, and I noticed a few ripples throughout the bloggersphere, well it was less a ripple and more like a full on tsunami. It seems that a certain global magazine that apparently loves bloggers, not going to name them because they don’t deserve the clicks in my opinion, let’s just say that they sound like a cocktail made extremely famous by Sex and the City, god i’m seriously showing my age here haha! Anyway, they wrote a post entitled 15 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who Blogs, and seeing as how i’m also a blogger, granted i’m not a girl, I thought I would put my two cents in.

Firstly let me say that all bloggers are perceived to be thirteen year old girls who sit in their room writing about a shiny pink lipstick surrounded by fairy lights, and while this is sometimes true, most of us are extremely bright and savvy businesswomen and men, anyway on with the post.

Obviously we want you to read our posts. What would be the point of spending several hours writing a post, for nobody to read it.

2. Nearly all the planet likes to send long text essays about the most random crap, we’re humans, we like to socialise.

3. We generally do have deadlines. It’s usually either because we have set ourselves a strict posting schedule, or because a brand has very kindly decided to work with us and we don’t want to let them down by having a post go up later than planned.

4. It’s actually quite rare to go to blogging events, well unless you’re actively seeking them out, and they’re more like a work function than a place to get absolutely sloshed.

5.  Why would we be annoyed? We want you to read our work, we put a hell of a lot of effort into it.

6. As you already know, I don’t really drink coffee, well unless i’ve only had about two or three hours of sleep and need the extra caffeine boost, and even if I do it’s extremely extremely weak and can’t really constitute being called coffee.

7. Of course we know loads of other bloggers. It’s just like you working in a shop and you knowing lots of other shop assistants.

8. They’re not free! Yes a brand may send me something to review but in no way is it free. Once a brand has sent me something, I have to think about the posts content, write the post, take pictures, edit the post, and then shout about it from the rooftops on social media so people read it. It’s not free!

9. Of course we want to read other bloggers posts. It’s usually how I get most of my inspiration, and there’s a thousand amazing bloggers out there. It would be stupid not to read other peoples blogs.

10. Ok, so I do get a little down in the dumps when i’m out and about and I see my battery is on 27% but isn’t that everyone, whether you’re a blogger or not.

11. Of course we’re going to write about the gifts that we give people. It’s usually because we’ve spent hours thinking of the perfect gift, and we want to share it with people who are struggling to find that gift that tells the person they love them.

12. Strangely, I don’t actually own a pair of Pyjamas and my wardrobe consists of Jeans and T-Shirts, and yes I am laid in bed as i’m typing this but that’s because I write better when i’m comfy.

13. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that is. 

14. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Yes some bloggers use their blog to express themselves better but i’m failing to see why confidence is a bad thing.

15. So what if you date someone you met on Twitter, or from other social media sites, a lot of people are finding love online, gone are the days of being awkward in a club, or anywhere else you may find someone you like.

The magazine in question used to command a lot of respect from people and bloggers alike, but frankly i’ll be surprised if any bloggers would touch them with a barge pole now.

Yes this totally ridiculous, and totally untrue post was aimed at the amazing and hardworking female bloggers, but it also applies to the fantastic male bloggers too.

Have you read the ridiculous post? What are your thoughts? Are you a blogger and infuriated by the post too? Please let me know your thoughts below

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Luke x

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  1. I read the said online publication and I think it was only written in a lighthearted manner. I don’t think those kind of articles should be taken seriously, especially when the same magazine raises it’s sales based on headlines such as “How to lose 1 stone in 2 hours” and “How to make all the men fancy you”.
    It’s bad that they’ve offended people but to be fair, who reads that magazine in a serious manner?

    • That’s true. I think people were annoyed because they appear prouded themselves on working with bloggers

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