What I Thought Of The Body Shop Christmas Range 2015

Last year I told you what I thought of The Body Shop’s wonderful Christmas range, and seeing as how you all liked it, I thought I would do it again.
This year the range has three incredible scents, Frosted Cranberry, Glazed Apple, and Frosted Plum, and as always there’s plenty of products to choose from including, a Shower Gel, a Sugar Scrub, a Body Butter, a Lip Balm, and even a Room Fragrance.
I managed to get…

The Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel.

The Glazed Apple Shower Gel.

The Frosted Plum Shower Gel.

The Glazed Apple Lip Balm.

The Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist.

The Frosted Plum Home Fragrance Oil.
The Frosted Cranberry, is described as a fresh and juicy festive scent which contains Cranberry extracts from North America.
It’s a gorgeous scent. It reminds me of The Body Shop’s Strawberry range, but with Cranberries and a little bit of spice thrown in. I love the Frosted Cranberry scent, but it’s far too sweet to use as an all over fragrance.
The Glazed Apple, is described as a sweet and fruity festive treat, containing Apple Seed Oil from the Italian Alps.
The scent is out of this world. The best way I can describe it is it smells like sweet Apple Cider. Ohh it’s so nice! It’s an extremely gender neutral scent, and can be worn by anyone
The Frosted Plum, is described as a sweet, fruity and floral sophisticated scent containing Plum extracts from Turkey.
I do like the Frosted Plum scent, but it’s not a Christmas scent. It’s more of a Spring time scent, but that’s just my opinion. Frosted Plum reminds me of Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir, and is more of a feminine scent.
The Shower Gels are pretty much all the same, apart from the scent of course. They’re all the same consistency. Rather than them being a liquid like Shower Gel, they’re more like a runny Bath Jelly. It does however mean that you need a little more than usual to cover your skin. It lathers beautifully, and made my skin feel so soft and moisturised.
The Lip Balm is gorgeous. I love anything Apple flavoured and I’ve been on the hunt for an non-artificial Apple flavoured Lip Balm for ages, and I’ve finally found it. It did leave my lips a little greasy once I had applied it, but settled extremely quickly and once it did, it left my lips incredibly moisturised for hours. The Lip Balm does contain Beeswax, so if you’re vegan be careful.
The Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist has to be my favourite product of the range. It smells again like sweet Apple Cider but with a much stronger scent than the Shower Gel. The Shimmer is extremely minimal and I’ve never gotten any on my skin so I think its just a decorative thing. I love smelling of Apple, uh!
The Frosted Plum Home Fragrance Oil is great, but as I said before it’s a little too floral for me. I do like it though and strangely it gets less floral and more fruity as it burns. A tiny drop goes an extremely long way. I only used a half a teaspoon amount of oil, and the room smelt of gorgeous Plum for over four hours.
Overall I love The Body Shop’s Christmas range. My favourite has to be the Glazed Apple. I love the Cranberry, but my favourite is the Glazed Apple. I liked the Frosted Plum as well but as I said its a little too floral for me. If it had been released as a Spring range, I think it would have been an extremely big seller
If you would like to check out anything I’ve mentioned, you can either pop into your local The Body Shop, or you can purchase it online here. The Body Shop are currently having a massive sale, so if you do want anything, you better get your skates on.
Did you manage to pick up any of The Body Shop’s Christmas range? What did you think? What was your favourite products? Please let me know below.

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Luke x

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