What I Thought Of The Body Shop’s Christmas Range

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A little while ago, I did quite a bit of damage to my cash card. If you want to see what I bought, you can watch my #BlindGuyAdventures | Christmas Weekend Madness | The Haul. All you have to do is click on the videos tab at the top of the page.

In my little spending spree, I finally managed to grab some of The Body Shop’s christmas range. Now that i’ve been using them for a while, I thought I would share my thoughts.

First things first. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy these products. Sorry about that. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get your hands on these products, as they usually release some kind of these scents each year.


The Body Shop Christmas Range

I did manage to grab a shower gel of the Vanilla Brulee, a shower gel of the Frosted Cranberry, and a Glazed Apple soap.



Let me begin with the Vanilla Brulee shower gel.

The scent is meant to be a combination of fairtrade Madagascan Vanilla, and soft brown sugar. It’s meant to give you a indulgent creamy soaky bath that leaves your skin feeling extremely soft.

I get the Madagascan Vanilla, but I don’t smell the brown sugar. It just smells like custard, and I for one am not opposed to smelling like custard, ha!

It does as the description suggests, leave your skin feeling as soft as a cloud. The only trouble is, it does leave a bit of an oily residue on your skin, which took a little time to get rid off. But apart from that, it’s a top notch product. If I could get more of it, that would be fantastic. Hopefully they’ll release it next year.

Out of 10, I would have to give it an 8.5. It loses a few points for the oily residue, but the smell is to die for. If they do release it again next year, I may have to buy quite a few bottles of it.

Next is the Frosted Cranberry.



The Frosted Cranberry, is described as a fruity way to liven up your daily shower routine. With top notes of Cranberry Seed oil from Canada, that makes you want to keep smelling yourself all day

I love this scent. I hated it at first, but i’m now absolutely in love with it. It does smell of cranberries, but I can also smell strawberries and raspberries. It’s a bit of a mix between their strawberry and raspberry shower cream but with cranberries thrown in. It is fruity, but at the same time it has some kind of spicier undertone to it. It does actually make you want to keep smelling yourself.

Out of 10, I would give this a big 9. I was undecided about it to begin with, but I love it now. I do however think that if it calls itself cranberry, it should only smell of cranberries.

Other than that, I need more.

Next is the Glazed Apple.



The Glazed Apple is described as a sweet yet spicy scent to keep you warm throughout the christmas period.

I bought the soap and not the gel, so I sense that the scent has been diluted a little. It is a great scent, but it does smell a little artificial. I love apple scents and I can usually tell when they’re fake and unfortunately this is. As artificial apple scents go, it’s quite good. I do for some strange reason keep smelling hints of cherry. They may have used it as a base, but I can definitely smell cherries.

Out of 10, i would have to give it a 5.5. I like the scent, but I won’t be rushing out to buy it. There’s better true apple smelling bath products out there. I would suggest you buy one of those if you want a true apple scent. it’s great, but it’s nothing special.

There you go, that’s what I thought of The Body Shop’s Christmas range. Did you manage to try any of these? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments

Luke x

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Luke x

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  1. I’ve used the Vanilla Brulee in previous years but can’t say I’ve been bowled over by it. I prefer their Olive shower gel, part of their normal product range. Have you tried it yet?

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