What I Thought Of The New Kinder Chocolate Range

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For those who don’t already know, as well as being a major tea lover, my other major vice has to be chocolate. I love all different kinds, white, dark, milk, flavoured, any kind of chocolate and i’m in heaven.

Recently, a childhood favourite chocolate company, Kinder, released a few new products, three pouches to be exact, and I thought I would tell you what I thought of them.

The three they have released are.

Kinder Milk & Hazelnut Choco Bons.

Kinder Chocolate Minis.

Kinder Chocolate with Cereals.

Unfortunately I only managed to pick up the first two. The Choco Bons and the Chocolate Minis.

Kinder Choco Bons

The Choco Bons are little egg shaped chocolates with a hard outer shell, luxurious  creamy smooth chocolate, and a hazelnut  centre.

The chocolate shell is nice and thick, it doesn’t flake off in your mouth, uh I hate it when that happens. It does take a little bit of a crunch to break, but once you do you unlock the most luxurious creamy melt in your mouth chocolate that is kind of like hardened Nutella. Once you devour all the creamy chocolate, you reveal a nice little piece of hazelnut. The hazelnut gives the Choco Bons that little hit of savoury to cut through all the sweetness of the chocolate.

Kinder Chocolate Mini's

The Chocolate Mini’s are basically two little pieces of chocolate.

The pieces of chocolate are the same kind as the inside of the Choco Bons, except instead of having a hazelnut centre these have the most creamiest milkiest cream filling. These are incredibly indulgent but absolutely full of sugar, so i wouldn’t recommend you give these to children unless you want them bouncing off the walls.

There was one thing I didn’t like about these to die for chocolates, and that was the packaging. The outer bag was your standard chocolate pouch packaging, but open it and you’ll find that every single piece of chocolate was individually wrapped. This was incredibly irritating. I don’t want to be unwrapping chocolates from a pouch.

Overall I would have to give these amazing creamy chocolates a decent eight out of ten. i think Kinder have done an amazing job in creating these. I would just say that I wouldn’t buy these when they aren’t on an offer. They are nice but they’re not worth nearly £3.00. If they are on offer the next time I pop into my local store I will be most definitely picking some more if not all of the new range up.

Have you tried any of the new Kinder range? What did you think? Please let me know down below.

Luke x

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