What I Thought of the Yankee Candle Advent House 2014

Hi all my wonderful readers, how is everyone doing today?

In the middle of November, I placed a little order to one of my favourite online retailers, yes, that’s right, Yankee Candle. Among other things, I decided to purchase the Yankee Candle Advent House 2014, and I thought, I would tell you what I thought about it.

The Advent House, as described on the website, contains 24 Yankee Candle christmas scented tea lights. Well, I say 24, you actually get a very special votive candle for day 24.

The scents within the house, include, Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Memories, Christmas Garland, Spiced Orange, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie, Sugared Apple and Christmas Eve. All of these lovely scented tea lights, are of course, packaged in a very adorable cardboard house.

Now that i’ve given you a bit of a description, let me tell you what I thought.

First, the packaging.

When I finally received my parcel, I was ecstatic. I carefully cut off the packaging tape and opened the massive cardboard box. For the most part I was extremely happy, however, I had noticed one of the doors had been pushed in. Apart from the punched in door, it arrived totally intact, so maybe it had just been rattled around a lot in transit, but I won’t hold that against them. I then tried unwrapping the plastic wrapping. This process took two pairs of scissors and a extremely sharp knife. I’m not sure what kind of plastic it was, but jesus it was strong. I then sat it on a shelf in my room, where it would sit until December 1st.

Cut to December 1st, and it came time to open door number 1. I must just say, my mum opened all of the doors. She wanted to keep the house for some kind of project, and she knew I would rip some of the doors off if I did it myself.

Door number 1 was opened, and out comes my first candle. It was the one I had been looking forward to, sugared apple.

Here comes the first let down. With this being the first advent house I have ever had from Yankee, I didn’t know how I was supposed to figure out what candle I received. It turns out, you can’t. I thought it might be on the back of the door, but no! I then thought maybe it would be on the bottom of the box, but no! It didn’t tell me which candle was behind said door anywhere. I ended up having to message Yankee Candle via Twitter. Thatwas the only way I was able to figure out what scent I had got.

That was the let down with the packaging, next, the candles themselves.

Firstly, the wick.

Now something you should know, being visually impaired, I don’t trust myself with flames. This ment I had to get someone to light it for me. The only trouble, everyone was downstairs, so I had to light it and bring it up with me. Once lit, I took two steps, and the bleeding thing blew out on me. I tried doing this four or five times before giving up. In the end, my mum had to light it on her way to bed.

The next disapointment, was the scent payoff.

With it being Yankee, I expected the scent to fill my room. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that. Once I had finally gotten the candle to stay lit, I put it down in front of my TV. My bed and TV are just over a metre apart. I couldn’t even smell it laid in bed. The only way I could get a decent scent, was to light several at a time, which kind of defeats the point of an advent calendar.

Even after doing this, I still didn’t get much of a scent. The only one I got a decent payoff from by lighting three, was the Candy Cane Lane.

The Advent House was priced at £25 and it seriously wasn’t worth it, especially seeing as how a box of six to eight tea lights is priced at about £8.

Overall, I would have to give the Yankee Candle Advent House, a very low, four out of ten. I’m a massive lover of Yankee Candles, and i’m really sad that I couldn’t give it a better mark. For what it’s worth, I did enjoy the experience of counting down to christmas with a candle each day.

Did you get one of the Advent Houses? If yes, I would really love to hear what you thought, so please leave me a comment.

Luke x

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Luke x

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