What I’m Proud Of Doing In The Past Twelve Months

Hi all my wonderful readers. I hope you’re all having a lovely day.

In case you don’t already know, how can you not, I’ve been ramming it down your throats for the past month, haha! On Saturday the 8th of August, I turned the ripe old age of twenty five, haha. Well, like I do every year, I thought it was time to tell you what I am thankful of from the last twelve months.

I do this every year because I think it’s a great way to stay in touch with reality, and not get so far up your own arse it takes a crane to remove you, haha!

When I say thankful, I really mean grateful for accomplishing and or achieving, and some of the amazing experiences I have had, so let’s start.

1. You Guys!

Yes I know it sounds cheesy, but last year, this blog was only in it’s development stage, and over the past year, I have grown my blog into something I am really proud of. Not only has my blog, my channel, and my social media presence grown, but so have the numbers of you reading, watching, and just generally interacting with me.

2. Socialising More.

I’m not really that social. I am generally a confident and forthright person, seriously not trying to sound arrogant here, but I don’t really go to places on my own that much. This is obviously because of my eyesight, and the fact that without my cane, I can’t go five feet without walking in to something, or someone. But because of this little blog and the little community that has grown so much, I have been invited to lots of different and sometimes interesting events and gatherings. As always when ever I go to one of these incredible events, I always tell you all about it. It’s not because as someone said the other day that I like to brag, but it’s because, if you didn’t keep coming back to read my posts, I wouldn’t get invited to them in the first place.

3. Friends.

This is also to do with above. Because of you reading, I get to go to some incredible events, which is where I have met some of the most amazing, friendly, and supportive friends like Theresa, A.K.A The Pink Peeptoe.

4. Pushing Myself More.

These past twelve months I have tried, and sometimes failed to push myself more, and on the most part succeeded. Getting on a bus on my own still terrifies the living crap out of me, haha, but I’m getting there.

5. Travelling.

Now when I say travelling, I don’t mean jetting off around the world, I mean going to different cities in the UK. I used to just stay in my little city of Bradford and that was it, but now I rarely stay in Bradford. I’m not saying that I don’t like Bradford, I do, I live here, but Leeds has so many different sights, smells, feelings, and experiences to keep me interested for hours. Not only have I been exploring Leeds, but I also made a little impromptu trip to York, and as I am typing this I am getting everything ready for my London trip. I have found that I rather like exploring, yes getting lost isn’t my ideal situation but it’s all in the adventure.

6. Not Giving A Crap What People Think.

I never thought I did care, but I really couldn’t care less now haha. This is especially true in my personality. I like to laugh, I don’t see what’s wrong with that, and so what if I am on the third floor and you can hear me from the first, what’s wrong, haha! I have also stopped caring with my online presence. I used to stay off of instagram because I thought you should at least be able to tell what I was taking a picture of. Now I just point and snap, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to look. It’s the same with my vlogs. I used to let Jamie shoot the footage, but as long as i’m upright, I don’t see what’s wrong with it being slightly out of focus, a bit shakey, or just generally, what the hell am I watching, haha!

7. Being Comfortable In My Own Skin.

I was never really that concious about my size, and I am less so now. Yes I am a larger guy, and i’ll always be a larger guy. Sure, I would love to be a little slimmer, fitter, and toned, but unless I lock my self in a padded cell only eating birdseed and exercising to with an inch of my life, it isn’t going to happen, and I love pizza, chocolate, pasta, pies, cake, basically all food too much to do that, haha!

8. Technology.

I am a little bit of a tech geek, but like everyone, I don’t know everything, but with running a blog, I have learnt a whole lot more. From knowing what SEO, Search Engine Optimization is, and how it works, to writing a few small parts of html code, to photo and video editing. You will never know everything, so you can always learn new things.

There you have it. These are just a few of the things I am proud of doing in the last twelve months.

What are some of the things you’re proud of accumplishing in the past twelve months? Please let me know down below.


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Luke x

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