What Regular Items Would You Buy If Lush Gave You £100 Tag

As you probably already know, I absolutely love a good Tag, and also love Lush. That’s why when I saw that Jen had very kindly tagged me to do the What Regular Items Would You Buy If Lush Gave You £100 Tag, I obviously had to tell you my answers.

The rules?

1. All items must be available all year round and can’t be from any of their limited edition ranges.

2. You must show the prices of all of your chosen items.

3. The total of your items must not exceed the £100 allowance.

4. Nominate three people to also do the Tag.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rambling, here’s what regular items I would buy if Lush gave me £100.

A black store front with a large glass window, some black boards, and a sign that has Lush written in large white writing and fresh handmade cosmetics written in smaller white writing on it, on a bright background.

A picture of the Lush York store.

    • The Avobath Bath Bomb, £3.75.

I love that this has an extremely strong fresh and citrusy Lemon scent to it, that not only looks amazing in the Bath but also works really well as an Air Freshener because of how strong it is.

This was actually the first ever Bath Bomb that I bought from Lush, and even though it’s been reformulated quite a few times since then, it will always remain one of my favourite products.

This is amazing for whenever my Skin isn’t feeling it’s best, as it’s part Bath Bomb and part Bath Melt. It also has a very sharp yet ever so slightly grassy Lime scent to it that really brightens my mood whenever i’m not feeling so great.

    • The Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb, £3.75.

Even though this is probably one of Lush’s smallest Bath Bombs that also smells very similar to the Avobath Bath Bomb, I love that it leaves my Skin feeling really soft and smelling so nice.

    • The Secret Arts Jelly Bomb, £5.25.

I wasn’t really a massive fan of this when it was first released, as with it being a Jelly Bomb, it released a thick and gloopy Jelly into the Water as it dissolved. But after I had used it a couple of times, it grew to be one of the only Jelly Bombs that I actually like, as it has a delicious sweet and fruity Cherry Bakewell scent to it that I absolutely love.

I always have to have a Bottle of this on the go, as I pretty much fell in love with it the first time that I smelt it. I’m not really a lover of sweet scents, and unfortunately most of Lush’s Shower Gels smell very sweet to me, but this has a delicious sour and fruity yet ever so slightly grassy scent to it that’s perfect for whenever it’s absolutely freezing outside.

    • The Brightside Bubble Bar, £5.25.

This was the first ever Bubble Bar that I bought from Lush, and if you like fresh and citrusy scents like me, you’ll love it, as it literally smells like you’re bathing in a Glass of Orange Juice.

The Comforter is probably one of Lush’s most well known products, and even though i’m not usually a massive fan of sweet scents, I love that it has a delicious fresh and fruity yet ever so slightly sweet Blackcurrant scent to it that also creates tons of shimmering Purple Bubbles.

I absolutely love the smell of Mangos, and even though this is essentially just a massive block of Oils that will melt as soon as you look at it, it’s fantastic at moisturising my Skin whenever it feels incredibly dry.

I’m sorry, but who doesn’t want to scrub their Face and Body with Vodka, Lime and Salt? I also really like that it leaves my Skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth without ripping it to shreds.

I’m not really a massive fan of the smell of Roses, but I absolutely love this, as it has a soft and delicate Rose scent to it that also leaves my skin looking so radiant and glowing that people compliment me on it whenever I use it.

I wasn’t really a massive fan of the Jelly Face Masks when they were first released, but after I had used this for a little while, I absolutely loved it. I also really like that even though it covers my Face in Oil whenever I use it, that it leaves my Skin feeling extremely bouncy, soft and moisturised.

  • The Breath Of Fresh Air Toning Water, £5.95.
    This not only tones and mattifies my Skin, but it also smells like the Big Blue Bath Bomb and is fantastic to use during the Summer when it’s really hot and I need to cool myself down.
  • The Sugar Daddy O Solid Conditioner, £6.95.
    Ok, so this kind of screws up my Hair if I continuously use it, as it’s technically a Purple Conditioner that’s meant to remove the brassy tones from Blonde Hair, but I just can’t get enough of it’s delicious sweet and floral Violet scent.
  • The Plum Rain Body Spray, £20.00.

Like the Plum Rain Shower Gel, I instantly fell in love with this as soon as I had smelt it, as being able to smell of delicious sour and fruity yet ever so slightly grassy Plum all day as well as in the Shower makes me feel very happy.

My total.

My grand total was £99.75, which I don’t think was too bad.

I nominate…

Do you love Tags too? What would you buy if you had £100 to spend at Lush? What’s your favourite Lush product? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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