Work With Me

I love to work with brands and am always open to any new ones that would like to work with me. But before you contact me, here’s a few things that you probably should know.

I will post :

  • Product or Service Reviews.
  • Sponsored Competitions.
  • Sponsored Posts.
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts.

I will not post :

  • Entries to Blogging Competitions.
  • Infographics.
  • Guest Posts.
  • Pre-written Content.

My Sample Policy.

any products or services gifted to me are for consideration only and do not guarantee a feature or mention on my site. Any Products or Services are included at my own discretion and are in no way swayed by gifts or opportunities that I may receive.

My contact policy.

If I do agree to work with you, I would appreciate that you don’t chase me more than once to secure being featured on my site.

If you would still like to work with me, why not email me?

Luke x

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