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Last week, I talked about the classic black suit that Dobell very kindly sent me, and today I thought I would also tell you what else I wore with this gorgeous perfectly tailored suit.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here’s what I wore.

A full body picture of myself, wearing a black suit, sat on a grey chair, with a grey and white background.

A picture of the Dobell classic black suit.

Dobell Classic Black Suit from Dobell.

I love absolutely everything about this suit, from it’s cut and tailoring, to it’s colour and fabric, but i’ve already rambled enough about this gorgeous suit, so if you would like to find out anything more about it, then you can read last weeks post here.

Me sat on a beige chair, wearing a black suit jacket, a pink shirt, and a red tie, on a grey background.

A picture of the Dobell Suit Jacket, the Williams & Brown Pink Oxford Shirt, and the Frederick Thomas Plain Red Skinny Knitted Tie With Pointed End

Williams & Brown Pink Oxford Shirt from Jacamo.

Frederick Thomas Plain Red Skinny Knitted Tie With Pointed End from Frederick Thomas.

I wore both of these as I thought they added a nice pop of colour to the black suit, and also because I thought that the bright red contrasted well with the subtile pink.

Me sat on a beige chair, wearing some black trousers, and a pair of black leather boots, on a grey background.

A picture of the Dobell Suit Trousers and Base London Black Spy Chucker Boots.

Base London Black Spy Chucker BootsBase London.

I wore these as they’re still smart, whilst still being casual at the same time, which went with the look I was trying to create. They also feel like i’m walking on a cloud when i’m wearing them, well now that i’ve worn them in they do, haha!

As you can see, the entire outfit is smart because of the suit, but because of how Dobell have cut and tailored the suit, you could wear pretty much anything with it, wether that’s something casual like a t-shirt and trainers, or a shirt, tie and pair of boots like I did.

I was sent a few things within this post, but all thoughts, opinions, and general ramblings are my own.

What do you think of the outfit I wore? Would you change anything? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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  1. Looking smart pal

    Carl Baker

  2. You look great Luke, very smart. I do love it when a pop of colour is added to a black suit, you’ve got the combination spot on.

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