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A couple of weeks ago, both me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Trinity Kitchen to come and check out some of the new street food vendors that would be in residency for the next eight weeks, and after having a fantastic time stuffing our faces full of delicious food, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

A large wide room full of chairs with a light above it that has Trinity written in bright white writing and kitchen written in bright pink cursive writing on it with some spotlights in the background, on a dark background.

A picture of the Trinity Kitchen logo.

What is Trinity Kitchen?

Trinity Kitchen, is an open planned food court in Trinity Leeds, that serves a wide range of different cuisines from around the world, including American, Vietnamese, and Mexican.

Every eight weeks they add a selection of new street food vendors to add a little bit of variety, as well as ensuring that new businesses get the exposure that they deserve.

Here’s what vendors have arrived in November 2017, and what Trinity Kitchen say about them.


These award-winning vendors have been impressing the nation for years with  their British take on a South African speciality. With spicy Chilli served in a delicious baked Roll, diners can dip and dunk their way through amazing Chilli, before eating the juice-soaked Roll. No mess, and a taste that’s hard to beat!

Gravy Train Poutine.

The Gravy Train is also bringing a global flavour to the line-up, offering gravy-soaked Poutine with a whole host of toppings, sauces and sides.


Greek Food4Festivals is also making the trip to Leeds, serving incredible fresh Gyros and traditional Greek street food straight out of a restored vintage Van.

Tikks Thai Kitchen.

Also joining the line-up is Tikks Thai Kitchen, which was awarded third place at the 2017 British Street Food Awards and won the Judges Choice Award in the Northern Heats of the British Street Food Awards. Here you can enjoy an authentic taste of southern Thai street food such as Beef Massaman Curry and Sriracha Mayo Fries, to name just a few.

Sela Bar.

Current vendors Sela Bar are sticking around for another change-over, and have updated their menu to offer mouth-watering Burgers dripping with toppings and extras, such as Manchego Cheese, Halloumi, and Candied Bacon all served in a Brioche Bun.

Meli Patisserie.

Finally for the sweet-toothed among us, Meli Patisserie will be offering great Cakes and treats such as Mousse, Ganache and traditional Ice Cream and Pastries. Promising surprises and unexpected flavours, these sweet treats will be ones to remember.

What happened when I visited Trinity Kitchen.

Once we had finally arrived in Leeds, and had wandered around for a little while, we eventually headed to Trinity Kitchen, which is located on the top floor of Trinity Leeds on Albion Street in Leeds City Centre.

Once we had walked into the massive open planned food court, we wandered around for a minute or two and looked for a table, before we eventually found one on a nice quiet raised platform that also had a massive window next to it that looked out onto some of the beautiful architecture around the City Centre.

Then once we had finally gotten comfy, we just sat and chatted for a couple of minutes, before Jamie went and got us both some food from some of the delicious smelling vendors that were dotted around the room.

What I had to eat at Trinity Kitchen.

Some pieces of bright golden Chicken on some light brown skewers next to a pile of thin Golden Fries sprinkled with some bright red chilli flakes and light green spring onions, a white circular tub full of some golden Satay dip, and a clear circular tub full of some bright green Shallots inside a white rectangular take away box on a golden table, on a bright background.

A picture of the Tikks Thai Kitchen Chicken Satay.

The first thing that I had to eat was the Chicken Satay from Tikks Thai Kitchen, Satay marinated Chicken Breast Skewers served with Sriracha Fries, a Satay Dip, and Fried Shallots.

I really liked this, as even though i’m not usually a massive fan of anything that tastes of Peanut, I thought that this had a delicious creamy yet nutty taste to it that kind of reminded me of a Chicken Korma rather than a Chicken Satay. I also thought that the Chicken was incredibly moist and tender , that the Sriracha Fries were beautifully cooked and had a very light but noticeable kick to them, and that the Fried Shallots added a nice overall crunchiness to everything.

A brioche Bun filled with a dark brown beef patty, some pale golden melted Cheese and some bright red Tomato Sauce on a white and red patterned piece of paper, on a light background.

A picture of the Sela Bar Pizza Burger.

The next thing that I had to eat was the Pizza Burger from Sela Bar, a 100% Beef Patty, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Pepperoni, all served in a soft Brioche Bun.

I really liked this, as even though i’m not usually a massive fan of any kind of Cheese, because it also contained Tomato Sauce and Pepperoni, I couldn’t really taste it. I also thought that the Beef Patty was succulent and moist whilst still having a little bit of a bite to it, that the Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce and Pepperoni all added a nice smokey and delicious authentic Pizza taste to everything, and that the Brioche Bun was so soft that it felt like I was eating a cloud.

A bright cylindrical white chocolate sponge cake covered in some bright yellow lemon curd next to a square dark brown chocolate cake covered in some dark brown ganache inside a white rectangular box, on a bright background.

A picture of the Meli Patisserie Lemon Syrup Cake.

The last and final thing that I had to eat was the Lemon Syrup Cake from Meli Patisserie, made with Wheat Flour, Lemon Zest, and topped off with a garnish of Creme Patisserie.

I definitely think that this had to be my favourite thing of the entire evening, as even though it was called a Lemon Syrup Cake, it tasted more like they had blended an incredibly creamy and light Lemon Moose with a buttery crumbly Sponge Cake. I also really liked that it tasted so strongly of Lemon, as whenever I order a Lemon Cake, it always tastes a lot weaker than I want it to.

Then once we had finally finished stuffing our faces full of all the delicious food, we eventually decided that it was time to head off. So we cleared our table, and headed off back into Leeds to do a little bit of shopping.

I had an absolutely amazing time checking out all of the new street food vendors at Trinity Kitchen, and if you would like to find out more, including which vendors will be arriving next, then you can find them online here.

I would just like to thank Trinity Kitchen for having both me and Jamie, and for hosting such a fantastic evening.

Have you checked out any of the new street food vendors at Trinity Kitchen yet? If yes, which ones have you tried? What’s your favourite type of street food? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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