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A little while ago, both me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Bar Soba Leeds to come and try out a few things from their Spring 2017 menu, and after having a wonderful time stuffing our faces full of delicious food, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

Once we had arrived in Leeds, and had wandered around for a little while, we finally decided to head to Bar Soba Leeds, which is located on Merrion Street in Leeds City Centre. The only trouble with that was that as usual, we had absolutely no idea where it was, but after finding it and realising that we had been stood outside it all along, we headed on in.

Once inside, we were both greeted by a really nice woman who said hi, and asked us if we had a reservation. We said hi back, and that yes we did, and after a couple of moments of us all chatting, she showed us both upstairs and found us a massive table that was right next to some beautiful wall art.

An intricate black Aztec design on a white background with some stone coloured beams across it.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds wall art.

After a couple of moments of us getting comfy and me getting used to my surroundings, a really friendly man came over and introduced himself. He said that he was the Head Chef, and then he started to tell us all about Bar Soba, and how they take influences from Asia and intertwine them with other cuisines, to create fabulous plates of delicious food that everyone will enjoy. He then said that he hoped that we enjoyed our food, and that if we had any questions to just shout.

Then after a minute or two of us both chatting, a really nice waiter came over and asked us if we knew what we would like to drink. We said that we weren’t really sure, so he said that he would come back in a few minutes once we had looked at the drinks menu, and after looking at the drinks menu for a couple of moments, Jamie said that he had found the perfect cocktails for both of us, so that’s what we ordered. I ordered a Pineapple and Basilito, which contained fresh Pineapple and Basil leaves, muddled together with Stoli Citrus Vodka, Lemoncello, and Apricot Brandy, and Jamie ordered a Jangshi Zombie, which contained Appleton’s White Rum, Don Pappa Rum, Myers Dark Rum, Pineapple Juice, Papaya Juice, homemade Kaffir Lime leaf syrup, Lime, and a Goslings 151 Overproof Rum float. We also ordered some Water, because for some strange reason it was actually really warm even though it was only March. Then after about a good ten minutes of us both chatting, the drinks finally arrived.

A tall glass full of pale yellow and green liquid with some clear shards of ice and two black straws on a tan table, on a dark background.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds Pineapple and Basilito.

I absolutely loved the Pineapple and Basilito, as I thought that It tasted incredibly sweet and fruity, and would be perfect for those really hot Summer days when you just want to sit and chat with friends. I did think that it was a little dangerous though, as I couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, and it just tasted like a really sweet fruit punch. I did have a little sip of Jamie’s too, and I have to say that even though it contained four different types of Rum, I couldn’t really taste it. It did however remind me of something that I had drunken before though, but I didn’t know what.

Then after us both drinking our cocktails and browsing the menu for a minute or two, a really nice waitress came over and asked us if we would like to order. As we had already decided what we wanted, we said yes, and ended up ordering some Cheese Burger Spring Rolls with spicy Ketchup and Mayo, and a Crispy Shredded Shanghai Pork Geisha Bun to share, and then Jamie ordered Teriyaki Beef Noodles, and I ordered the Butter Milk Chicken Katsu Bun with Fries, and then after about ten more minutes of us both drinking and chatting, both of the starters arrived.

Some long tan coloured Spring Rolls resting on a large green leaf next to a dark oval pot full of red ketchup and white mayonnaise on a black rectangular plate on a tan table, on a white background.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds Cheese Burger Spring Rolls.

I was quite apprehensive about the Cheese Burger Spring Rolls, as I thought that cramming a Cheese Burger into a Spring Roll wouldn’t really work well flavour wise, and I was also worried that  I wouldn’t like it, because as you all know, i’m incredibly picky when it comes to Cheese, but these tasted fantastic. I actually couldn’t really taste the Cheese as it was more of an after taste than a full on flavour, which was great because if it had tasted full of Cheese, I wouldn’t have liked it. These were also cooked to perfection because they were nice and crispy on the outside, and nice and fluffy in the middle, which is just how a Spring Roll is supposed to be. I also tried some of the spicy Ketchup Mayo, which was actually quite deceiving because at first taste it added a nice coolness to everything, but after a second made everything really spicy.

A pale white bun filled with dark brown Pork, white strips of Apple, and green and white circles of Spring Onion in a tan bamboo basket, on a white and blue background.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds Shanghai Pork Geisha Bun.

The Crispy Shredded Shanghi Pork Geisha Bun was also really nice, because rather than it being full of little shards of Pork, they had used big Meaty nuggets that were absolutely jam packed full of flavour, and really tasty. I also thought that the Bun that they used was great too, as it was really floury, so the softness of the floury Bun off set the chewy nuggets of Pork brilliantly.

Some long rectangular strips of Brown Beef and dark noodles with flecks of red and green, and some thin circles of green spring onions and green leaves in a wide oval black bowl, on a bright white background.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds Teriyaki Beef Noodles.

I did have a little nibble of Jamie’s Teriyaki Beef Noodles, and thought that they tasted nice, but they just weren’t for me as the Noodles themselves were incredibly spicy, and I found the Beef to be far too overcooked for my liking, but you can read what Jamie thought by reading his post.

A tan burger bun filled with a golden breadcrumbed Chicken patty, with hints of green and white Cucumber next to a tall cylindrical black pot full of golden thin fries and a wide shallow circular pot of dark gold Katsu sauce on a white rectangular plate, on a dark background.

A picture of the Bar Soba Leeds Butter Milk Chicken Katsu Bun with Fries.

My Butter Milk Chicken Kat-Su Bun with Fries was absolutely delicious. The Chicken was nice and crispy like a Chicken Burger should be, but because they had marinated it in Butter Milk, it had made the Chicken soft and succulent whilst still remaining crispy. They had also done something a little weird, well at least I thought that it was weird, and had added a layer of Cucumber to the bottom of the bun, which was actually really nice, and much better than a boring old piece of Lettuce. I also really liked the Fries because they were nice and thin, really crispy, and were seasoned to perfection. Another thing that I liked was the little pot of Kat-Su Curry Sauce that they had put on the side of my plate. I had never tried it before, and I now love it that much that I want it on everything.

After stuffing ourselves full of all that delicious food, we couldn’t really move, so we just sat and chatted and drank the rest of our cocktails and water for a little while, before finally deciding that it was time to head off, so we got our things together and said our goodbye’s and thank you’s to all the staff, headed downstairs, and headed back into Leeds to attend another event that we had been invited to later that evening.

I had an amazing time stuffing myself full of fantastic food at Bar Soba Leeds, and if you’re looking for great delicious food with an Asian twist to it, I highly recommend that you check them out.

As I said, I had an amazing time at Bar Soba Leeds, and I would just like to thank them for having both me and Jamie, and for providing us with such good food and service.

Have you been to Bar Soba Leeds? What did you get? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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