Karma Isn’t Really A Bitch | Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment Launch

A couple of weeks ago, both me and Jamie were very kindly invited down to Lush Leeds Spa to come and celebrate the launch of their Karma Spa Treatment, and after having a fantastic time checking everything out, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

Here’s what Lush say about their Karma Spa Treatment.

A 65 minute-long full-body massage inspired by the Ayurvedic practices of India and performed by two Spa therapists working together in harmony.

Heady world of spice and subtlety, skin adorned in softness. Many hands move across the body, casting spells of warmth and rest, drawing you deep into Indian folklore. Feel how the sky burns above, the rush of a train and urban life, and how these fade away into twilight twinkling over bazaars.

Supported, you soar away from the bright lights of Kolkata, to the depths of the Rajasthani desert, cross the shadow of ancient Darjeeling Mountains, and skin the treetops of the humid Kerala Jungles. Fly over the surface of deep Lagoons to bask in a cocoon of warmth and quiet on the Forest floor.

Surrounded by Flowers, Coconut Water crowns your brow flowing freely to the ground in an act of Shirodhara. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Be free, Slow down for a moment. Your skin is sated with bedewing butters and your body is grounded by warmth. Breathe in sweet, soft Blossom and drink your fill of India.

What you’ll love.

  • A combination of coordinated, invigorating massage and meditation enables you to return to reality feeling balanced, calm and empowered.
  • Hot oils cleanse and tone the skin while a grounding Stomach massage treats the core of your emotions.
  • Redirects energy flow around the body to aid concentration and align your mind and body.

What to expect.

  • A reviving four-handed full-body massage performed by two therapists to create flow and rhythm wile treating different areas of the body harmoniously.
  • Therapist and client visualisation combine with hot oils, singing bowls and a Shirodhara ritual to bring rest and respite.
  • Warm CoConut Water is poured from a Shirodhara vessel over the third Eye and hair to create a meditative state of mind.

What you’ll want to know.

Duration : 65 minutes of massage in addition to a 20 minute consultation in the Spa Kitchen and time to relax afterwards.

State of undress : down to your underwear with a cosy towel to protect your modesty.

Note : a relaxing Shirodhara ritual at the end of the treatment involves wetting the hair with nourishing Coconut Water.

All Lush Spa Treatments are suitable for everyone and can be tailored to Vegan clients.

What happened when I visited Lush Leeds Spa.

Once we had finally arrived in Leeds, and had been for something to eat, we eventually decided to head to Lush Leeds Spa, which is located opposite Thorntons on Commercial Street in Leeds City Centre.

Some tall clear glass champagne flutes full of some bright orange juice on a clear glass table, on a bright background.

A picture of our drinks at the Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment launch.

Once we had walked into the beautiful store, we were both very kindly greeted by a really nice staff member, who said hi, and asked us if we were ok. We said hi back, and that yes we were, and after a second or so of him checking his guest list, he said to come on in and that we could just help ourselves to a drink from the drinks station in the corner. Then after heading over to the drinks station and grabbing ourselves a nice glass of Orange Juice, we just wandered around for a little while, and chatted with some of the other bloggers who were also there including Jess and Katie.

Then after a couple of minutes of us all chatting and sipping our drinks, one of the really nice staff members gathered us all around her, and started to tell us what would be happening throughout the evening, including that there would be tours of the Spa, and that the tills would be open throughout the evening, so if we wanted to purchase anything whilst it was nice and quiet, that we were more than welcome to do so.

Then once she had finished talking, we wandered over to the Bath Bombs area and checked out some of their recently released Jelly Bombs. But whilst we were checking them all out, we also got talking to another really nice staff member about some of their recently released products, and their upcoming Halloween and Christmas ranges.

Then after we had finished chatting, another really nice staff member came over and asked us if we would like a tour of the Spa, to which we of course said yes, and after I had eventually navigated down the wooden spiral staircase, we finally arrived in the Spa Kitchen and were greeted by a really nice Spa technician, who said hi, and started to tell us a little bit about the Spa. She said that all the decorations were inspired by Poole, which is where Lush is based, and the Coasts of England, and that Mark Constantine, the CEO of Lush, wanted to create a British Spa that best reflected their ethos.

A rectangular black leather sofa with some checked square cushions on a checked rug and a dark wood floor next to a white wall with some white shelves and some square pictures in square wooden picture frames on it, on a bright background.

A picture of the main treatment room at the Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment launch.

Then once she had finished talking, we went into their main treatment room and saw someone being massaged by two people at the same time, which apparently makes for a unique and harmonious experience. She then told us that the massage focuses on the many tension points throughout the body, as well as your mind and spirit. We also got to have a try of the Karma Massage Bar, which is used in the massage, and contains Patchouli, sweet Orange Oil, Pine Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, and Shaea Butter, and also got to feel a Karma version of their Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt, which is kind of like a massive net bag full of powder. I also noticed that the room smelt of Karma which I later found out was because of the Karma Room Oil that is also use in the Spa Treatment, which is kind of like a massive Bath Melt that they dissolve in a big bowl of boiling water.

A bright white coloured rectangular massage bar with some indentations in it to make it look like a small chocolate bar on a light pink coloured hand, on a light background.

A picture of the Karma Massage Bar at the Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment launch.

We then went into another room and were told about the head massage that is also included in the Karma Spa Treatment, as well as the benefits of having a head massage, before Jamie actually got to try one out for himself.

Then once Jamie had finished his head massage, we moved onto another room which was their meditation room, and were given a quick meditation masterclass in which we were told to imagine our worries as a ball of light, before letting it move slowly through our bodies, starting at our feet and leaving through our heads, and imagining that we were releasing it into Leeds and letting it float away.

Then once we had finished our meditation masterclasses, we moved onto the final room and were treated to a hot Karma Oil Hand and Arm Massage, and even though i’m not usually a massive fan of the Karma scent, it actually started to grow on me as I thought that it had a much more of a citrus note to it.

Two rows of five rectangular clear glass fragrance bottles with some white labels that have the names of the fragrances written on them in bold black writing on a light wooden shelf, on a light background.

A picture of the Fragrances Area at the Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment launch.

Then once we had finished our Hand and Arm Massages, we went back upstairs and just wandered around for a couple of minutes, before heading over to the Fragrances area to check out some of their recently released fragrances. But once we had started looking at all of the fragrances, a really nice staff member came over and started to tell us a little more about each fragrance, including some of their fragrance notes and the stories behind them. I think that both Rentless which contains Patchouli, Grapefruit Oil, and Tonka Absolute, and Amelie Mae, which contains Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil had to be my favourites of the five as I thought that Rentless kind of reminded me of a Diesel fragrance that I used to own, and that Amelie Mae kind of reminded me of Raspberry Hairspray.

Then after we had finished smelling all the delicious fragrances, which come in either a spray, a solid perfume, or a wash card, we went over to the product making station and made a Butter Bear Bath Bomb. We started by putting a little bit of the Brown mixture into the Bear mould to create it’s nose, and then we filled the rest of the mould with the white mixture to make it’s Head and Body before shaking off all of the excess mixture. Then once I had finished making my Bath Bomb, one of the really nice staff members wrapped it up in a bag for me and said that I had to leave it to set for 24 hours before I could use it.

Some Purple triangular bubble bars with gold and silver tops in a square light wooden box, on a light background.

Then once we had finished making our Butter Bear Bath Bombs, We just wandered around for a little while and checked out their Face Masks area, before the evening started to draw to a close. So we said our thank you’s and goodbye’s to all of the really nice staff members, and started to head off back into Leeds to catch our Train. But before we could leave, one of the really nice staff members handed us a little goodie bag with a Karma Bubble Bar, a Karma Room Oil, and a Marmalade Jelly Bomb inside it.

I had a fantastic time celebrating the launch of the Lush Leeds Spa Karma Spa Treatment, and if you would like to find out more about it, including how you can book your very own Lush Spa experience, then you can find it online here.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Lush Leeds Spa for having both me and Jamie, and for hosting such a fantastic evening.

Have you tried thE Lush Karma Spa Treatment yet? What did you think of it? What do you think of the Karma fragrance? please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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