Covering My Face The Japanese Way | Daiso Japan Silicon Sheet Mask Cover

I absolutely love relaxing with a nice Sheet Mask at the end of a long day, but with them usually containing quite a lot of Serum, they can sometimes be very difficult to keep on my Face. That’s why when I saw that Daiso Japan had released a Silicon Sheet Mask Cover whilst I was watching Mikhila McDaid’s Video the other week, I obviously had to check it out. Well i’ve been using it for a little while now, and I thought that I would tell you what I thought of it.

A tall rectangular clear plastic pouch that has Daiso Japan Silicon Sheet Mask Cover written in bold black writing and a picture of a woman wearing a bright pink silicon sheet mask on it, on a white background.

A picture of the Daiso Japan Silicon Sheet Mask Cover.

Here’s what Daiso Japan say about their Silicon Sheet Mask Cover.

A super hit Mask Cover made of comfortable elastic Silicon which is easy to wear.

It comes with Ear Loops to keep the Mask in place. There are three ways that you can use it.

How to use.

  • A wrapping effect, wear over a Sheet Mask, it prevents the Mask’s Essence from evaporating and helps to retain the maximum amount of Serum for optimal Skin nourishment.
  • Keep in position, wear with the Ear Loops to prevent a Sheet Mask from slipping off when you move so that you can move around while wearing your Mask.
  • Use in the Bath without a Sheet Mask, it works as a Face Steaming Mask for relaxation purposes.

To re-use it, simply wash and keep it clean after use.

It’s material.

I really liked it’s material, as even though it said that it was made out of Silicon, I thought that it felt incredibly soft and springy yet ever so slightly rubbery, and was more like a piece of soft and springy yet ever so slightly rubbery Jelly rather than a piece of tough and slippery Silicon.

It’s size.

I wasn’t really a massive fan of it’s size, as given that it had been made for the Japanese market who have much smaller Faces than people in the West, I noticed that I had to stretch it a lot to make it fit my Face especially around the Mouth area. Luckily though, once I had stretched it about ten or so times, because of it’s material I was able to mould it to my Face perfectly without damaging it.

What it did when I used it.

I really liked what this did when I used it, as when I used it over the top of a Sheet Mask it kept the Sheet Mask in place so that I could move around and meant that none of the Serum leaked out or evaporated as quickly as it usually would, and that when I used it in the Bath as a Steam Mask that it created a really nice warming sensation. I also really liked that when I used it over the top of a Face Serum, that it meant that the Serum didn’t leak everywhere or evaporate too quickly and that I could essentially turn all of my Face serums into a Face Mask.

It’s packaging.

I really liked it’s packaging, as this came in a very thin Plastic Pouch that kept it extremely clean until I was ready to use it.

My overall thoughts.

Overall I would have to rate the Daiso Japan Silicone Sheet Mask Cover an eight out of ten. I absolutely loved it’s soft and springy yet ever so slightly rubbery material, what it did when I used it, and it’s packaging, but I just wish that it came in a bigger size so that I didn’t have to spend so much time stretching it to fit my Face.

If you would like to check out the Daiso Japan Silicon Sheet Mask Cover for yourselves, then you can find it online here.

Have you checked out the Daiso Japan Silicon Sheet Mask Cover yet? What did you think of it? What’s some of your favourite Japanese Face Masks? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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