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A couple of weeks ago, both me and Jamie went to the Lush Showcase 2018 in Manchester, and after having a fantastic time checking out all of the really cool and funky new products, I thought that I would tell you all about it.

What is the Lush Showcase 2018?

Lush Showcase 2018, is a yearly convention for lovers of Lush, where you can get a first look at some of their innovative new products, get a chance to create your own products, find out about the ingredients that they use and how they’re sourced, get a closer look at their Spa and all of the treatments that they offer, and much, much more.

What happened at the Lush Showcase 2018?

Once we had finally arrived in Manchester, and had ordered an Uber, we eventually arrived at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, which is located on Windmill Street in Manchester City Centre.

A long queue of several people including a person wearing a Blue Coat and a Black Backpack in front of a bright Blue banner that has welcome to the cosmetic revolution written in bold white writing on it, on a bright background.

A picture of the queue at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once we had asked a really nice woman where we were supposed to go as we had purchased the Lush Labs Tickets, we joined the very long queue that ran up the side of the building. Then after we had been waiting for about thirty minutes or so, we eventually entered the massive entrance hall, where we had our Bags checked, were given our wristbands that had a chip attached to them so that we could check in and out easily, and were given our limited edition Lush Showcase Goodie Bags before we started to wonder around and check out all of the many stands that were dotted around the room.

A selection of different coloured small cylindrical pencils inside some black wax holders and some black boxes that have Glow Sticks written in bold white writing on them next to a light wooden board that has Glow Sticks get your glow on written in bold black writing on it, on a white background.

A picture of some of the Glow Sticks at the Lush Showcase 2018.

The first stand that we visited was the Makeup Stand, as Jamie wanted to check out some of their Slap Sticks, which were like little blocks of solid Foundation that start to melt when they come into contact with your Skin, and contain Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower Wax, and Orange Peel Wax. Then once we had checked out all of the different shades of Slap Sticks that were on offer, a really nice woman came over and started to tell us all about the many different ways in which you could apply them and colour matched Jamie so that he knew which shade would suit him the best. We also checked out some of their Glow Sticks, which were like little sticks of solid Highlighter that again melt when they come into contact with your Skin, contain Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Oat Kernel Oil, and Rose Wax, and come in a range of eight beautiful shades that are all named after Birds including Robin, Lark, Rock Dove, and Peacock, which is a beautiful shimmering bright Blue shade.

A white hand holding a chunky sparkly Black Rose shaped Bath Bomb, on a white background.

A picture of the Black Rose Bath Bomb at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once we had finished at the Makeup stand, we wandered over to the Harajuku stand as we wanted to check out some of the Bath Bombs that would be stocked in their brand new Bath Bomb only Japan store. According to one of the really nice staff members that we met, the new store will feature 89 exclusive Bath Bombs but there were seven on show for us to check out. I really liked one that was called Black Rose as it was essentially their Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, but instead of being a vivid bright Pink, was a beautiful if ever so slightly creepy Black, and a beautiful Seashell shaped one that smelt of Lemongrass. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to buy any of them though, as if you wanted to buy them you had to wait for a timer to go off, join the massively long queue, and get them from the store area. The main problem with this however, was that because the queue was so long, by the time you had gotten to the front of it, the timer had ran out. We also got to mould some of the Bath Bomb mixture and add it to an Art installation that they were creating, but because my Hands didn’t fit the disposable Gloves, I just made it with my Bare Hands. This however turned out to be a huge mistake, as I spent the rest of the day prising bits of Bath Bomb mixture off of my Cane.

A pyramid of some sparkly purple Bath Bombs that have holes at the top of them on a bright wooden stand, on a white background.

A picture of the Goddess Bath Bomb at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once we had finished at the Harajuku stand, we wandered over to the Goddess Bath Bomb stand which was essentially just a stand of exclusive Bath Bombs that had been inspired by Ariana Grande. I had a little sniff of one of them, and even though I thought that they smelt really nice as they had a very slight floral and spicy yet musky scent to them, because they had a massive hole on the top of them I got an Eye full of Glitter when I tried to sniff one.

A large black board that has Cheery Christmas written in bold white writing on it, on a white background.

A picture of the Cheery Christmas Board at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once we had finished at the Goddess Bath Bomb stand, we wandered over to the Handmade By You stand which is where you could make an array of different products including Bath Bombs, Shower Gels, and Soaps. We were then greeted by a really nice man who said that we could either make one of their limited edition Ghost In The Dark Soaps but that it would take two hours to set, or that we could make one of their new Atmosphere Shower Gels. Unfortunately though, once we had arrived at the Table, we were told that it was only a talk about what they were and that they had ran out of the Ghost In The Dark Soap mixture, so we decided to wander over to one of the other Tables where we could make a delicious smelling Bath Bomb called Cheery Christmas instead. Unfortunately, because of the very dim lighting I couldn’t really see what I was doing, so the really nice staff member that was helping us made mine for me. Jamie made his own though, and after he had pressed some of the very powdery mixture into it’s Hexagon shaped mould and had left it to set for a moment or too, he had his very own Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb.

A light wooden board that has Funhouse written in bold silver writing on it above a bright stone coloured slide that has some multicoloured steps and some yellow arrows down the side of it, on a white background.

A picture of the Funhouse at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once we had finished at the Handmade By You stand, we wandered over to the Funhouse which as you can probably guess I didn’t go in, as a Visually Impaired person, foam blocks and a massive Slide was an accident waiting to happen, haha!

A large cylindrical block of red Shower Jelly and a large cylindrical block of green shower jelly on a silver table, on a white background.

A picture of the Shower Jelly Room at the Lush Showcase 2018.

Then once Jamie had finished having fun in the Funhouse, we wandered over to the Shower Jelly Room which was absolutely amazing, as it was essentially a Room where everything including the Tables, the Floor, and even the Shower Jellies moved. I loved it in there as we went around the entire Room slapping all of the different scented Shower Jellies and watched them wobble. I also really liked that the Floor moved as even though it was very trippy, it was great to feel like a Shower Jelly for a minute or two.

A cylindrical clear plastic tub with a black label that has Renee's Hair Soufflé written in bold white writing on it, on a white background.
Then once we had finished in the Shower Jellies Room, we wandered over to the Haircare Stand where they had little stations where you could style your Hair using some of the exclusive products that they had on offer, including a brilliant smelling Hair Soufflé and a really funky yet strangely oceanic smelling Hair Spray. They also had stands where you could get your Hair washed with some of the exclusive Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars that they had on offer.
Then once we had finished at the Haircare stand, we wandered over to the Skincare stand where they had some really cool looking yet strange smelling Jelly Cleansers on offer, including a Strawberry one and a Verbena one, as well as Jelly versions of some of their most popular Cleansers including Herbalism, Angels On Bare Skin, and Let The Good Times Roll that were all rolled up to look like little Sushi Rolls. They also had some really funky but small looking Solid Cleansing Bars and Facial Serums on offer, including Jade Roller, Tea Totaler, and Like A Virgin Cold Cream.

A large cylindrical sparkly Red Shower Jelly with a gold square buckled belt across it, on a white background.

Then once we had finished checking out all of the different stands, we wandered over to the Store Area which had many problems as the queue just to get in was over two hours long and the Card Machines kept going down. Luckily for us though,  one of the really nice people in front of us asked one of the Line Monitors if there was any way that we could possibly skip the queue as they didn’t think that a Blind Guy with a massive Cane was a great idea given the size of the queue, and after a minute or two of us waiting,  She said that would be fine and showed us to the front of the queue where we met Alex and Holly from the Lush White Rose store. Then after we had said hi, Holly guided both of us around all of the different sections of the store including the Face Mask section where they had some really cool Brush Strokes Masks on offer, and a section to do with their brand new Paris store where you could get one of five available giant Bath Bombs embedded with fresh Flowers.
Then once we had finished wandering around the store and had pretty much filled our Basket to the brim, we joined the extremely long queue and found out that it would be a two hour wait just to pay. Unfortunately though, because it was very warm and there wasn’t any ventilation in the store area, I wasn’t feeling that great, so a really nice staff member called Jess guided me outside to sit and get some air. Then after we had been sitting outside for about ten or so minutes, Jamie came and met me with about four or five Bags full of delicious smelling products, and after we had said bye to Jess, we ordered another Uber and headed to our Hotel for the Night.
I had an absolutely amazing time checking out everything at the Lush Showcase 2018, but the only thing that I didn’t really like was their accessibility, as with them having little stands all over the place that needed Electricity to power them, they had little wooden barriers all over the Floor to cover up the Wires. This unfortunately meant that I kept tripping up quite a lot, as I couldn’t really see them.
Did you go to the Lush Showcase 2018 too? What was your favourite part of the day? What exclusive products would you like to see in your local store? Please let me know down below.

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Luke x

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